Judul:GATE - Battle Of Alnus Hill [ENG DUB] [4K]
Diterbitkan:09 September 2017
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Anime: Gate: Jieitai Kano Chi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri ゲート 自衛隊 彼の地にて、斯く戦えり

Animation Production: A-1 Pictures ( )

Produced by GENCO ( )

Director: Takahiko Kyogoku
Original Work: Takumi Yanai(Published by AlphaPolis)
Stroy Editor: Tatsuhiko Urahata
Character Designs: Jun Nakai
Gun Designs: Yu Aoki
Sound Director: Yukio Nagasaki
Music: Yoshiaki Fujisawa

English version by Sentai Filmwork (Jul 11, 2017)
Executive Producers: John Ledford, Eiichi Takahashi
Producer: John Ledford
Production Manager: Son Le
Production Coordinator: Janice Williams
Packaging & Menus: Keiwing Chong
Voice Actors:

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When a mysterios gate suddenly appears in Tokyo's Ginza district and begins spewing armed warriors and flying monsters, the world is thrown into turmoil. Although the deadly attack is thrown back by Japan's Self Defence Force, there's now a new and entirely unkown land on the other side of the portal, and Japan is effectively at war with a nation on the other side. Determined to secure peace, the JSDF must send an armed force into Gate, but orges, dragons and a ruthless Empire populated by elves, human, and half animal warriors aren't the only dangers they'll face. With the resources of two worlds at stake, the balance of power on both sides of the Gate is distabilizing, and betrayal can come at any time, from any quarter. There, trapped right in the middle of the ensuing firestorm, stands officer Yoji Itami and the JSDF's Third Reconnaissance Team as they plunge into the GTAE.

Information about the video:
This scene is recorded from the original BD(Blu-ray Disc) version.
Recorded in upscaled 4K ULTRA HD (3840x 2160).