Judul:Terranigma Video Walkthrough 1/3
Diterbitkan:07 Maret 2014
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This is the first of three videos in the video walkthrough / playthrough / runthrough / etc of the SNES game Terranigma. This goes from the start of the game to clearing up Louran.

There is only one tiny little spot where I grind, which is around 29:48 where I try to get some extra cash for a weapon and armor.

Whenever I played this game, I usually skipped using pins and rings, and I more or less do so here as well. I figure they really aren't needed. Sure, you could use them, and I bet there are some places where they might come in handy, but I never bothered to use them.

As far as some armor/weapons go, I do skip some for various reasons. Either what I have simply works at the time, or I can find stuff in the next dungeon.

I have a feeling I may have missed a magirock or two, but I'm pretty sure I got the majority of them throughout the videos.


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