Judul:Terranigma - European Town (acoustic guitar cover by Josiah Everhart)
Diterbitkan:19 Oktober 2016
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Hey, everyone. Here's a little guitar-duet style cover of a track from Terranigma. Kinda wanted to keep it simple this time around so I didn't go too crazy with adding a million voices to the arrangement, haha.

I had something else planned for this week, but caught a little cold over the weekend and wasn't able to record vocals as I'd intended. That video will hopefully be out soon though.

If you've never heard of Terranigma; it's a lesser-known JRPG from ENIX. It was released in Europe, but never here in the states. It's a hidden gem of the SNES and if you're a fan of JRPG's from the SNES golden-era then I highly recommend you give it a play. It's not quite of the same caliber as game like Chrono Trigger and Earthbound, but it deals with some really heavy philosophical concepts and has an ending that'll knock the wind out of you.

Here's an awesome episode of 16-bit Gems that's all about it. Check it out if you have time, but if you haven't played it, be wary of spoilers!

There's a lot of great music in it and I plan on doing more in the future, maybe even something with lyrics someday.

I pulled out the ol' classical guitar for this one which is something I rarely do. Mainly because it's a piece of junk, haha. It's a jerk about staying in tune and makes a lot of weird, unintended racket while being played. I need to buy a nicer one for recording.

Also experimented with a new recording technique. I'm using three mics; two condensers and one stereo mic in the center (so technically four mics). It was a little tough mixing it with all that extra sound, but I think it sounds pretty cool.

Oh, and if you weren't aware already; I'm going to be at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo in Portland, Oregon this weekend. A ton of friends and cool people are going to be there too. If you see me around don't be afraid to say hello! I love meeting you guys!

See you soon = )

Music composed by Miyoko Takaoka by Masanori Hikichi with arrangement by me


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